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Attending the York Neuroscience Symposium: A medievalist treading new ground

My project, ‘Neurodegenerative Disorders and the Handwriting of Medieval Scribes: Using the Past to Inform the Future’ is now entering it’s fourth week. I’m officially back at my desk and have now become a member of York’s Centre for Digital Heritage, which offers exciting prospects for sharing ideas and methodologies. Over the past month or […]

On not going to conferences

I should add a ‘(some)’ in the title of this post of course, but I decided to go for shock and awe, with a pinch of clarification. I’ve recently been thinking a little about conferences and my choice of whether or not to attend them. As a natural introvert who, with years of practice, has […]

Medievalists in Melbourne: Conferencing Down Under

I’ve recently touched down in England after a trip to Melbourne, Australia. The visit was part-conference, part holiday. I must say, that having worked almost solidly since my Ph.D. viva last March, I was very, very, much looking forward to the holiday component. However, it had also been a very long time since I had […]