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Beyond comprehension: handwriting and identity

I’ve just pushed a couple of article projects as far as I can. They are either now with collaborators, who will proceed to work their own magic, or under consideration by journals. As a result, I have been feeling slightly directionless—simultaneously under pressure to complete my current projects, but without definite things to do. There […]

Cheesesteaks and Brownstones: Manuscript Viewings in Philadelphia and NYC

Having just returned from a research trip to the States, I thought that I would give my blog a kick, as it has gone into hibernation of late. Jet-lag and a cold prevent me from tackling my impending deadlines, so I thought that I’d take time to be more creative. I hope that peripatetic manuscript […]

Quivering Hands and Shaky Morals: The Forger’s Tremor

This week, I’ve been doing research into the characteristics of tremors that indicate a range of neurological and physiological conditions. I’ve looked up everything from a Parkinson’s Disease shake to the kind of quiver that I get when I’ve misjudged my daily caffeine quota. It’s been fascinating to learn about the features that help doctors […]

Permissions and the Postgraduate: What you need to know about the right to reproduce images

[Update] I’ve now had additional advice regarding fair dealing (fair use in the US), so see the foot of my article for a note on this. Most UK universities now require successful doctoral candidates to deposit an electronic copy of the thesis in addition to a printed copy. This is a recent development. My university […]

A Sensory Experience: A Touch/Hear/Smell Approach to Exhibiting Medieval Manuscripts

This weekend just gone, I attended the Hidden Hart Colloquium at Senate House in London. This was a day of celebration and exploration of the medieval manuscript and incunabula collection of R.E. Hart, which was bequeathed to Blackburn Museum in 1946 and is, frankly, amazing. The colloquium was a fantastic day in many ways. You […]

In Your Archives, Researching Your History: The National Archives Training Day

Yesterday was the training day for Early Career Researchers at The National Archives (TNA), which was aimed at those who are doing advanced archival research into the period 1200-1500. It was a greatly thought-provoking day for me, as someone who has been working on household records and who has dipped her toes into the world […]

Antiquity in a World of Change, 6th December

Hello everyone, It’s just time for a bit of shameless self-promotion. On 6th December, I will be co-presenting a paper with Andrew Burnett (former deputy director of the British Museum), at the ‘Antiquity in a World of Change’ study day at the Society of Antiquaries. The conference focuses on the life and work of Sir […]

Getting your hands on some vellum…

I’ve recently celebrated my 200th anniversary. That is, in the course of the last eight months, I have got my paws on two hundred medieval and early modern manuscripts in the British Library. And, oh, what a privilege it has been. Even after seeing so many ‘in the vellum’, every one is still special. But […]