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Permissions and the Postgraduate: What you need to know about the right to reproduce images

[Update] I’ve now had additional advice regarding fair dealing (fair use in the US), so see the foot of my article for a note on this. Most UK universities now require successful doctoral candidates to deposit an electronic copy of the thesis in addition to a printed copy. This is a recent development. My university […]

FILM REVIEW: ‘Wrinkles’ (or ‘Arrugas’) dir. Ignacio Ferreras

As I sat watching, or, to put it more accurately, nestled my face in a comforting shoulder whilst trying to battle tears, I began to regret my film choice. My self-condemnation did not last long, as I realised what a breathtaking movie I’d chosen. However, the feelings of deep sadness did persist. It is not […]

The chicken commotion that is improving life for pensioners

Dear readers, Just to draw your attention to my article, on the wonderful initiative called ‘Henpower’, which has just been published by The Conversation: Thanks all, more anon, Deborah  

Contrived Words: How do We Forge Signatures?

Perhaps one of the most interesting practical applications of an understanding of handwriting processes is in the world of forensic handwriting analysis. Handwriting forgery is the alteration of what, through years of training, has become second nature. When a person sits down to forge a signature, they simultaneously imitate the features of another person’s handwriting […]