Monthly Archives: February 2014

Being Middle Aged in the Middle Ages

As part of my project on neurodegenerative conditions in the medieval period, I have been doing some reading on getting older in the Middle Ages. I’ve been gripped by fifteenth century accounts of what happens to the body as a person shuffles towards, and off, the end of their mortal coil. What occurs before one […]

How Do We Write Right?

How wonderful it has been, as a palaeographer by previous inclination and experience, to begin to research handwriting in the context of neurology. It has been fascinating to scrape the surface of the biological processes involved in putting pen to paper. In order to understand the handwriting distortions that we might expect in medieval scribes […]

Neuroscience and the Medieval Scribe

I’ve just successfully applied to begin a new postdoctoral project at the University of York. In celebration and preparation, I thought I’d introduce the project and begin with some of my preliminary thoughts.      I’ll explain how it all happened. Nearing the lowest point of my mid-afternoon slump, I gathered up some print-outs of my […]