Monthly Archives: August 2013

A Celebration of a Year’s Work: A Medieval Invisibility Cloak

Yesterday was my last day’s work at the British Library in my role as Research Associate on the Digital Index of Middle English Verse. To celebrate, I thought that I’d just make a short post that revels in what has been undoubtedly my favourite element of the past year: the fact that almost every one […]

On Finishing Up

So, “The End”, we meet. And what next for us? At the end of this month, my eleven-month contract at the Digital Index of Middle English Verse comes to an end, and I am going to take to the road once more. Of course, it’s not really The End, capital ‘T’, capital ‘E’. It’s really […]

On Pushing Your Boundaries

“I wish you to see the monster London in the varied phases of its outer and inner life, at every hour of the day-season and the night-season; I wish you to consider with me the giant sleeping and the giant waking; to watch him in his mad noonday rages, and in his sparse moments of […]