Monthly Archives: July 2013

Well-being and the Academic

We all know that one of the secrets of a fruitful mind is a healthy body. I know that. When I was a Ph.D. student up in Yorkshire, I used to cherish weekends out in the Dales and the Moors, used to eat quite well, and did regular ‘boot camp’ style exercise classes at the […]

A Letter From the Front: Days Two and Three of the Digital Humanities Oxford Summer School

War poetry has weighed-in heavily in the Digital Humanities Oxford Summer School. It’s appropriate, since Oxford University has been a guiding light in digitising archives and teaching resources relating to World War One. I’m going to concentrate on today’s (Wednesday’s) lectures and seminars because I have found them the most interesting of the past two […]

Digital Humanities Oxford Summer School 2013: Day One

‘How would you go about coding this page in XML?’ Sebastian Rahtz asks, pointing at the covering leaf of our summer school booklet, with its array of university branding, titles, geographical information and website URLs. Silence. ‘What do you think is important about this page?’ Someone bravely responded from the audience, pointing out that, maybe, […]

Academic Limbo? The first Postdoc

As I write this, I am coming to the end of my first postdoctoral position.. My job with the Digital Index of Middle English Verse reaches its finale at the end of August. It has been a whirlwind of a year since I left York, where I’d finished my Ph.D. in March 2012.      The […]