Monthly Archives: May 2013

“Black as Night: Sweet as Sin”. Coffee and Academia

“A mathematician is a machine for turning coffee into theorems.” Alfréd Rényi I, too, like to think of academia as a machine fueled by coffee, with cogs that are lubricated with wine. With this in mind I’ve been thinking about the role of coffee in university life. I’m on the recovery from a bout of […]

Writing for Beginners

Every time that a researcher/writer enters a new situation, takes on a new project, works in a different context, writes for a different audience, or collaborates with a new person, he or she has to re-evaluate his or her writing style. I am constantly thinking about my own academic style as I continue to develop […]

On not going to conferences

I should add a ‘(some)’ in the title of this post of course, but I decided to go for shock and awe, with a pinch of clarification. I’ve recently been thinking a little about conferences and my choice of whether or not to attend them. As a natural introvert who, with years of practice, has […]