Monthly Archives: April 2013

On Growing Roots…

There comes a time when your days of postgraduate come to an end and you might fly the nest and find the place where you will take your first steps as a postdoctoral researcher (if that’s what you’ve decided to do). With the tree of academic jobs bearing scant fruit, the likelihood is that your […]

On Growing up in Academia

When I see the friends I met as a schoolchild, at sixth form, or even as an undergraduate, I am struck by a sense that I have put some part of my life – or the life that I might have expected if I had not chosen to do a masters and Ph.D – on […]

On Dressing (to impress?)

“I’ve got a ‘grown-up jacket’ … It’s nothing special, but I wear it to teach or present papers or to go to a conference if I’m nervous about meeting people there. The person who wears the jacket is confident and knows all the answers and stands up straight” (Hollie Morgan) I really liked this statement, […]

On Taking it Personally

By making the decision to study towards a postgraduate degree, you are grabbing accountability by the horns. In looking back on my postgraduate years, I’ve been thinking a little about the implications of this accountability on my ability to evaluate my success. Undergraduate degrees, of course, involve constant assessments and an increasing amount of autonomy […]