Monthly Archives: March 2013

On Confidence.

I’ve been thinking a lot about confidence lately. My thoughts have emerged from the process of making applications for my next postdoctoral research position. I have become nail-bitingly aware that in order to compete with the hundreds of others who are applying for these research positions, I have to have confidence. I have to convince […]

“I saw a dog making sauce, and an ape thatching a house” A Sixteenth-Century Nonsense Poem

“NOW, how does one thatch a house again??” Bibliothèque nationale de France, fr.1444b, f.249r Whilst searching for an edition of a text that I am working on, I found a beautiful little nonsense poem, which exists in Oxford, Balliol College MS 354. The manuscript is a commonplace book, a kind-of early scrapbook, containing a variety […]

Acerbic Annotations: the Brusque Reviewer of a Sixteenth-Century Welsh Manuscript

As I open this BL Additional MS. 14866 , I am greeted by a stamp on its paper flyleaf that reads ‘presented by the governors of the Welsh School, 1844’, which gives a clue to the ownership, and past readers, of the manuscript. The ‘Most Honourable and Loyal Society of Antient Britons’, I found out […]