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“Mi Pilkoc PisseĆ¾ on Mi Schone”! Dripping Noses, Impotence, and Other Symptoms of Medieval Old Age.

Well, the title says it all, doesn’t it? Getting old can be a drag! Whatever people say about ‘eighty being the new thirty’ or similar, there is little satisfaction to be found in the physical effects of the ageing process, from finding your first grey hair, to being unable to run for the bus as […]

“Tik, tak! hic, hac! tiket, taket! tyk, tak!”: A medieval Satire on the Blacksmiths

Whilst cataloguing manuscripts at the British Library, I had the pleasure and privilege of laying my hands on a book which inspired great awe in me – perhaps the greatest feeling of awe since I began this research position. Perhaps because of its age, perhaps because of it’s content, either way, it made me feel […]